Dump Board

Dump and retreive text from anywhere.

Proxy Services

Happy anonymous browsing.

Anon Ghost

A proof of concept for freedom of speech.


Turn your phone into a deck of cards for Kings.

Don't be smart Google

Search without Google's "smart" autocorrect.

Twister master

Digital twister dial. For when your hands are busy.


Drop Crumb

Geo twitter.


Because ignorance is bliss.

My Own Blog

Blog mash.

In the pipeline

Helpful links

Adwords for charities, non-profits organisation, and other community projects. in the machine

Open source AI. code

Source code repository for projects.


Encrypting short messages with beautiful poetry. community

Wiki or forum for community discussion.

If any of these projects sound interesting to you and you would like to be involved please contact us.

About us is a security focused open source community web services provider with members scattered around the world.

We love to collaborate and can often be found nerding-it-up in cafes and parks. Check out our wiki (Ghost Web), follow us (@GhostISP), or drop us a line below to get in touch!

For developers

Visit our collaborative project spaces at Ghost Web.

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Talk to us about your ideas, projects, offers of support, or just to chat.

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The team

Product DesDev and sysadmin
Greg Clarke @GreglogyNet

Application development
Daniel Bowling

Application development
Manujith Pallewatt @_manZzup_

Proxy and Network Security
Xeronet @xeronetproxy


Marketing and social media

Comms and copywriting

Please contact us if you're interested in being part of this team of volunteers.